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      Hull & Headlining is designed to meet harsh marine conditions but is also suitable for lining motor homes, caravans, camper trailers and a multitude of applications. Our Hull & Headliner stands out due to its flexibility in 3D applications able to form without tearing in complex shapes.

      • 4 way stretch for full flexibility
      • Marine Grade
      • Solution dyed for colour fastness
      • Made from 100% recycled material
      • Marine
      • Automotive
      • RV/Caravan
      • Internal
      • Lining
      • A blend of solution dyed polypropylene and/or polyester fibre
      • Weight is 474.7gsm
      • Roll Length is approximately 32m
      • Roll Width is 2.03m
      • Flammability, passes MVSS-302
      Specifications / SDS Downloads