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      Advabond SC 1000 is a high quality spray contact adhesive suitable for both wall and ceiling applications.  It has superior heat resistance and will bond to a wide variety of surfaces including particle board, MDF, decorative plastic laminate, fibreglass, plywood plasterboard, aluminum, mild steel and galvanized iron.

      Advabond SC 1000 has a good balance of open time and fast grab ensuring a robust product with a relatively wide operating window.

      • Superior heat resistance
      • Good open time with fast grab
      • Marine
      • Automotive
      • RV/Caravan
      • Exhibition
      • Residential
      • Commercial
      • Internal
      • Flooring
      • Lining
      • Upholstery
      • Interior applications
      • Heat resistance >150 degrees celcius
      • Dry time 12-15 minutes
      • Open time 20-30 minutes
      Specification / SDS Downloads