HOTLINE is created using multi-coloured yarns and an intricate weave structure that adds depth and dimension to the fabric design and will add a new playful element to any project. 

Made with 100% Polyester Trevira CS, HOTLINE is inherently flame retardant and perfect for Commercial Heavy-Duty use. 

A colour palette of 16 directional and classic colours and IMO certification make HOTLINE a great choice for upholstery, screen and wall covering, as well as the marine market.


  • Internal
  • Commercial
  • Marine
  • Upholstery
  • Screen
  • Wall Covering
  • 16 Colours
  • Roll width is 140cm
  • Roll length is 25m
  • Weight is 490g/m2
  • Constructed of 100% Polyester Trevira CS