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Automotive Linings

We stock a variety of products that can be used to meet most lining requirements in any automotive application.


SRO and Ensemble have a variety of end uses whether you are lining the sides of a truck or a packing crate. SRO is a little heavier than Ensemble and the standard roll size is 46m x 1.83m.

Capliner is regularly used for lining the inside of motor homes and camper trailers as well as ute canopies and lids. It is available in two widths which are 2.15m and 2.79m to cover those extra wide areas with less joins. There are three colours. Platinum, Shadow and Heather Charcoal.

Trunkliner is supplied in rolls 46m x 1.37m. It meets a multitude of applications whether that be as a lining in a motor home or simply lining a storage area or cupboard.

Fossliner is available in Black at a width of 1.52m. It has a pressure sensitive adhesive applied to it so it is a “peel n stick” product. Saves on spraying adhesive and helps the environment.

Multipile & Spectropile

These two products are very similar except one (Spectropile) has latex backing and the other (Multipile) does not. So Multipile is regularly used in vehicles that require a fabric with some stretch to get into those tight corners.

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